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FMC Exhibition Company Limited

Forever Marketing Consultant Co. Ltd (FMC), is a Hong Kong-based company devoted to providing professional business and marketing consulting service to overseas consulates, business associations and food companies. FMC Exhibition Company Limited, as a subsidiary company of FMC, aims to provide professional exhibition planning services and organize large-scale international exhibitions and conference.

China Agriculture Advertising & Exhibition Co., Ltd

China Agriculture Advertising & Exhibition Co., Ltd is a wholly funded subsidiary of National Agricultural Exhibition Center which is directly under the Minister of Agriculture of the PRC. Founded in 1993, it mainly engaged in domestic agricultural exhibition and brand promotion activities, provide one-stop comprehensive services for convention & exhibition planning and operation, exhibition service, booth decoration and event promotion etc. It has organized over 1,000 advertising planning and conventions & exhibitions authorized by the Minister of Agriculture, local governments and agricultural enterprises and institutions, such as China International Agricultural Trade Fair, Museum Expo, China International Grass Industry Fair etc. Adheres to spread the advanced agricultural concepts, promote the modern agricultural technology, foster the outstanding agricultural brand and facilitate the agricultural trade. Take the advantages of the National Agricultural Exhibition Center, it has played an active role in promoting the agricultural brand and product trade in China.

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The Hong Kong Commercial Daily

The Hong Kong Commercial Daily (HKCD) is a Chinese state-owned newspaper published in broadsheet format in Hong Kong with the largest circulation in mainland China, regarded as “China’s international media window” by the central government. Established in 1952, HKCD was the first local financial newspaper in Chinese. It has set up liaison offices in 32 provinces and municipalities in Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai, Beijing, Zhejiang, Sichuan, Yunnan, Xinjiang etc., maintaining a close tie with local governments and playing the role of bridge for economic exchanges between Hong Kong and the Mainland China. Committed to serve the community, HKCD has proposed the selection of “Ten Events of Top Concern for Hong Kong Business Community” in 2006, launched to set up the “Global Business Alliance” in 2007 and established the Hong Kong SME Development Forum in 2008.

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Guangzhou Publishing and Printing Association

Guangzhou Yuexui Restaurant & Catering AssociationHong Kong (Intl) Modern Agriculture and Investment Promotion AssociationGHM (Guangdong Hong Kong Macao) Hotel General Managers SocietyAsia Art of Cuisine Society

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao-Bay Area Economic And Trade Association

People’s Daily Haiwai Net


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Asian Hotel and Catering Times

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