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Raw Space

Raw Space Area (9sqm)

HKD 28,142 / USD 3,608 / CNY 23,920*

(at least 18 sqm)


Open ONE Side (9sqm)

HKD 31,980 / USD 4,100 / CNY 27,190*

Open TWO Sides (9sqm)

HKD 33,560 / USD 4,305 / CNY 28,530*


Open ONE Side (9sqm)

HKD 35,490 / USD 4,550 / CNY 30,170*

Open TWO Sides (9sqm)

HKD 37,440 / USD 4,800 / CNY 31,830*

Remark︰ 5% Corner surcharge will be applied for 2-side open booth
Non contractual pictures. Please note that the final design may be subjected to changes
*VAT invoices excluded


Benefits for Exhibitors

  1. Target trade and investment partners along the Belt and Road countries
  2. Directly matching with global competitive buyers and investors
  3. Synchronize the latest food industry trade information under the Belt and Road initiative
  4. Show and promote corporate image to the potential buyers and partners along the Belt and Road countries

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