About Hong Kong

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About Hong Kong

Situated on the southeast coast of China, Hong Kong’s strategic location on the Pearl River Delta and South China Sea has made it one of the world’s most thriving and cosmopolitan cities.

More than 7 million

220V / 50Hz UK plug

Time Zone
GMT +8

International Calling Code
Dial +852 to call a Hong Kong number from overseas.

Currency: HK dollar is tied to US dollar
Hong Kong has a fixed exchange rate which ties the HK dollar to the US dollar within a narrow band. The upper end of the band is HK$7.80 to US$1. There are no currency restrictions and the Hong Kong dollar is freely convertible with all other currencies. There are many currency exchange operators, as well as banks and hotels and at the airport. All major credit cards are accepted at hotels, banks, large restaurants and stores.

Upon arrival in Hong Kong, automatic sensors will take your temperature at the Hong Kong International Airport and boundary control points, and if it is high, you will be required to have a quick health check. As an international city, Hong Kong has world-class hospitals providing outstanding care. Visitors using Accident and Emergency services in Hong Kong public hospitals are charged a set fee of HK$990 per attendance, but will always be treated even if they cannot pay immediately.

We highly recommended exhibitor and visitor to take out the medical and personal accident insurance in your own country for a visit to Hong Kong.

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